ultimate trust

Ultimate Trust


Your father and lawyer are usually or should be the people that you trust with your financial affairs and personal business.

In this case my late father was also my partner in business, my attorney Gerrie Stolp of the firm Solomon&Nicolson at Pretoria used to be my correspondent.

Being a practising attorney at Pietersburg these two persons were trusted with the shares in my company Alldays Escape (pty) Ltd the owner of the farm Campfornis, Soutpansberg.

This was the ultimate trust of uberrimae fides as between partners or husband and wife or at least it should have been.

I refer to the chapter 4 of my autobiography “no law without justice”  my late father, with the assistance of my attorney, Gerrie Stolp, stole 200 shares in my company… the farm Campfornis.

The theft was committed in the name of apartheid, many crimes may be more serious, but the moral of this story is:

Never trust your father/mother, husband/wife, attorney or anybody else with your investment.

The only person with uberrimae fides in your life is yourself.

George Kleynhans

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