power of the holy spirit



Why  catch  the  fire?  Firstly  I  want  to  announce  to  you  that  you  don’t  just  have  to catch  the  fire  as  such.  But  you  as  a  born-again  child  of  God  have  to  receive  the person  of  the  Holy  Spirit  Himself.  I  mean  to  say  that  the  Holy  Spirit  is  a  person.

He  is a  person  with  mind,  will,  wisdom,  understanding,  love,  emotions,  compassion  and

  1. He  is  one  with  God.  That’s  why  we  speak  of  God  the  Father  (the  Creator)

God  the  Son  (Jesus  Christ),  and  God  the  Holy  Spirit-  three  in  one.  The  Holy  Spirit  is

the  C  E  O  of  the  church.

So  you  have  to  receive  Him  like  you  have  received  Jesus.  He  must  live  in  you.  But here  is  some  good  news.  As  you  receive  the  Holy  Spirit  through  baptism  in  the Holy  Spirit  you  must  continuously  receive  infillings  with  the  Holy  Spirit

  1. As  you  acknowledge  the  Spirit  of  the  Lord  in  you  and  give  Him  both reverential  fear  and  audience  daily,  He  will  increase  himself  in  you.  You  will  begin to  be  conscious  of  His  presence,  His  voice  and  His  counsel  in  your  life.

Baptism  with  the  Holy  Spirit  like  salvation  is  a  mystery.  Many  church denominations  don’t  understand  it.  They  miss  it  completely.  But  the  Bible  is  very plain  about  this.

‘I  baptize  you  with  water  for  repentance.  But  after  me  will  come  one  who  is  more powerful  than  I,  whose  sandals  I  am  not  fit  to  carry.  He  will  baptize  you  with  the Holy  Spirit  and  with  fire  (Matt..  3:  11).”

I  don’t  know  what  significance  and  value  John’s  audience  attached  to  this  message in  those  days.  But  I  believe  that  today’s  church  needs  to  revisit  this  statement  now.

It’s  time  for  revival.

John  the  Baptist  appeared  on  the  scene  at  the  right  time  for  the  right  purpose.  He broke  the  so  called  inter-Testamental  period.  For  a  period  of  four  hundred  years Israel  was  separated  from  God  and  His  mighty  acts.  It  was  long  that  the  voice  of the  prophets  was  silent  and  Israel’s  expectation  of  the  Messiah  was  shuttered.

They  had  completely  lost  their  hope  for  the  Messiah  and  were  now  under  the foreign  regime  of  Rome.

And  suddenly  God  who  is  rich  in  mercy  visited  His  people.  The  long-longed  for prophecy  and  promise  was  fulfilled.  John  the  Baptist  –  the  fore-runner  of  the Messiah  was  ushered  into  the  scene  and  broke  the  silence.  Again  God  had remembered  His  people.  Because  Israel  was  sick  and  tired  of  this  spiritual  vacuum and  the  state  of  apostasy,  they  readily  recognized  and  accepted  John  as  the  ‘voice of  the  one  crying  in  the  wilderness.’

So  it  was  not  difficult  for  the  Jews  to understand  John’s  greatness.  In  fact  most  of  them  were  tempted  to  acknowledge him  as  the  long-longed  for  Messiah.

To  this  John  had  to  respond  and  clarify  them.  One  day  as  Jesus  approached  the crowd  John  declared:

Behold  the  lamb  of  God,  which  taketh  away  the  sin  of  the  world.  This  is  he  of whom  I  said,  After  me  cometh  a  man  which  is  preferred  before  me:  for  he  was before  me.  And  I  knew  him  not:  but  that  he  should  be  made  manifest  to  Israel, therefore  I  am  come  baptizing  with  water  (John  1:  29-31  K  J  V).

The  climax  was  reached  when  Jesus  submitted  unto  John  to  be  baptized.  This submission  shocked  John  too.  But  watch  what  happened  at  this  baptism.  While  the Jews  who  were  standing  there  watching  were  still  puzzled  as  to  who  was  actually greater  between  John  and  Jesus,  God  Himself  offered  the  solution.

As  soon  as  Jesus  was  baptized,  he  went  up  out  of  the  water.  At  that moment  heaven  was  opened,  and  he  saw  the  Spirit  of  God descending  like  a  dove  and  lighting  on  him.  And  a  voice  from  heaven said:  This  is  my  son,  whom  I  love;  with  him  I  am  well  pleased

(Matt.  3:  16-17).

First  of  all  let  us  understand  that  John  the  Baptist  was  himself  a  great  man.  And  so was  his  baptism.  That’s  why  many  Jews  rushed  to  the  river  Jordan  to  be  baptized.

Even  Jesus  Himself  testified  about  John’s  greatness,  saying:  “I  tell  you  the  truth: Among  those  born  of  women  there  has  not  risen  anyone  greater  than  John  the Baptist;  yet  he  who  is  least  in  the  kingdom  of  heaven  is  greater  than  he

(Matt.  11:11).”

So  if  John  the  Baptist  was  great  and  his  baptism  too,  great,  what  more  could  they expect?  John  answered  this  question.  He  indicated  that  even  though  he  was commissioned  to  baptize  them  for  the  remission  of  their  sins,  this  should  not distract  them  from  recognizing  and  accepting  Jesus  and  His  baptism.  “…he  will baptize  you  with  the  Holy  Spirit  and  with  fire.”

In  those  days  if  a  visitor  or  a  stranger  arrives  the  first  thing  was  to  remove his  shoes and  wash  his  feet.  This  was  mostly  done  by  slaves.  Now  John  is  saying  that  even though  he  is  not  a  slave  and  in  spite  of  his  greatness  he  is  not  worthy  to  bear  Jesus’

  1. You  see,  here  John  is  opening  the  eyes  of  the  Jews  that  they  may  clearly understand  the  greatness  of  Jesus.

Have  you  ever  taken  time  to  consider  how  great  Jesus  is?  Immediately  you understand  His  greatness  and  submit  to  His  authority  you  will  be  a  changed  person

  1. The  secret  of  attaining  the  greatness  of  God  is  in  knowing,

understanding  and  acknowledging  the  greatness  of  Jesus.  The  Bible  states  very clearly  that:  “The  people  who  know  their  God  shall  be  strong  and  do  exploits

(Dan.  11:  32b  K  J  V).”  Amen.  Do  you  really  know  him?  Have  you  taken  time to  learn (study)  and  meditate  about  him?  Who  is  this  Jesus?

Jesus  is  the  King  of  glory.

He  is  the  Alpha  and  the  Omega.     The  beginning  and  the  ending

He  is  the  Ancient  of  days.  He  has  been  there  all  the  times.

He  is  the  Lord  and  changes  not.

Jesus  the  same  yesterday,  today  and  for  ever

He  is  the  Messiah,  the  Son  of  the  living  God.

He  is  the  Christ,  the  Anointed  one  of  God.

He  is  the  resurrected  Lord,  exalted  and  seated  at  the  right  hand  of  the  Father.

He  has  the  scepter  of  Gold  in  his  right  hand.

He  has  the  rod  of  iron.

He  has  the  keys  of  life  and  death.  He  possesses  the  keys  of  David.

He  is  the  Creator  of  the  whole  universe  and  everything  is  under  his  feet.

The  government  is  upon  his  shoulders,  and  he  has  the  whole  world  on  the  palm  of his  hand.

How  magnificent,  glorious,  excellent  and  wonderful  is  His  name!

As  you  begin  a  long  and  constant  love  walk  with  Him  you  will  begin  to  experience his  mighty  power  in  your  life.  He  will  become  so  real  in  your  life  that  it  will  be  like you  dwell  with  Him  in  a  real  and  genuine  way.  He  will  be  unto  you  the  fountain  of the  living  water.


Here  follows  an  inspiring  extract  from  one  of  the  great  servants  of  the  Lord  who knows  his  master.

Christ  is  a  rare  jewel,  but  men  know  not  His  value.  A  Sun  which  ever  shines, but  men  perceive  not  His  brightness,  nor  walk  in  His  light.  He  is  a  garden full  of  sweets,  a  Hive  full  of  honey,  a  Sun  without  a  spot,  a  Star  ever  bright,

a  Fountain  ever  full,  a  Brook  which  ever  flows,  A  Rose  which  ever  blooms,  a Fountain  which  never  yields,  a  Guide  which  never  errs,  a  Friend  who  never

  1. No  mind  can  fully  grasp  His  glory,  His  beauty,  His  worth,  His

importance,  no  tongue  can  fully  declare,  He  is  the  source  of  all  good,

Fountain  of  every   excellence,   the  Mirror  of  perfection,  the  Light  of heaven,  the  Wonder  of  earth,  Time’s  Masterpiece,  and  eternity’s  glory,

Sun  of  Bliss,  the  Way  of  life,  and  life’s  fair  Way.

Don’t  ever  dare  to  walk  the  Christian  journey  without  experiencing  Jesus  in  real

  1. Have  an  intimate  relationship  with  Him.  Accept  Him  as  your  personal  Lord and  Savior.  Acknowledge  Him  as  your  master,  having  the  final  say  in  your  life.  Let Him  rule  in  your  life.  Put  Him  first  in  everything.  Then  you  will  begin  to  experience the  grace  of  God  in  an  abundant  manner.

One  day  John  the  Baptist  said  about  Jesus:  “He  must  become  greater;  I  must become  less  (John  3:  30).  The  K  J  V  renders  it  thus:  “He  must  increase,  but  I  must decrease.”  This  explanation  was  very  good  and  accurate  to  John’s  audience because  they  confused  Jesus’  greatness  with  that  of  John.  But  this  is  not  a doctrine  to  make  us  inferior  in  our  walk  with  the  Lord.  I  for  one  don’t  believe  that Jesus  came  so  that  we  may  decrease.  And  I  don’t  think  that  He  wants  us  to decrease  in  any  way.  Rather  I  believe  that  He  wants  us  to  increase  in  Him  and  with I’m  reminded  of  the  account  of  a  certain  little  boy.  His  Sunday  school  teacher  had taught  that  people  must  receive  Jesus  to  be  saved.  This  young  fellow  went  home and  broke  the  news  to  his  mother.  When  she  confirmed  what  the  teacher  had said,  the  little  one  protested  and  said:  “But  mom,  if  I  receive  Jesus  in  me  He  is  so big  that  He  will  stick  out.”  I  agree  with  the  lad.  Jesus  is  so  great  that  when  we receive  Him  He  will  stick  out.  And  surely  He  must  stick  out.  He  must  stick  out  that His  greatness  be  seen  through  us.

But  this  happens  only  after  the  baptism  withthe  Holy  Spirit,  and  with  fire.  When  this  experience  has  been  really  and  genuinely accepted  you  begin  to  have  the  power  of  God  and  power  with  God.  You  really begin  to  do  great  exploits.  He  increases  in  you  and  with  you  in  every  aspect  of your  life.  He  becomes  “Christ  in  you  the  hope  of  glory  –feeling  the  earth

(Col.  1:  27).”  Hallelujah!

The  Holy  Spirit  comes  with  mighty  power  and  revelation.  He  will  bring  about transformation  in  your  life.  As  you  continuously  feed  on  the  word  of  God  and earnestly  follow  the  Holy  Spirit’s  leading  and  instruction  so  that  you  learn  the discipline  of  leading  a  fasting  life,  then  the  mighty  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit  (the anointing)  will  increase  in  your  life.  The  fresh  anointing  will  always  be  accompanied with  fresh  fire.  All  you  need  is  to  abide  in  God.  You  must  also  learn  to  lead  a separated  life.  Then  you  will  experience  the  marvelous  touch  of  the  Lord’s  hand  all the  days  of  your  life.  This  will  not  only  change  your  life,  but  it  will  also  impact  the lives  of  others  around  you.  Speak  of  the  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit!

Do  you  want  to know  about  the  real  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit?  Wait  a  minute.

The  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit  is  God’s  manifest  presence  –  the  anointing  that  flows through  the  sanctified  vessel  to  make  fresh  impact  on  the  lives  of  both  the minister  and  those  ministered  unto.  It’s  God’s  grace  in  action.  I  mean  to  say  that  it is  the  supernatural  power  of  God  that  flows  through  His  vessel  –  the  minister  unto

all  God’s  people  who  are  ready  to  receive  it.

It  is  the  power  of  God  unto  salvation  for  the  sinner  that  repents.

It  is  the  power  of  God  to  heal  the  sick.

It  is  the  power  of  God  to  deliver  the  oppressed.

It  is  the  power  of  God  to  set  the  captives  free.  It  is  the  power  of  God

that  destroys  the  yoke  and  lifts  the  burden.

It  is  the  supernatural  power  of  God  that  brings  about  a  mighty

With  this  power  you  begin  to  dislike  those  things  you  couldn’t  dislike

With  this  power  you  begin  to  dislike  those  things  you  liked  before.

With  this  power  you  begin  to  see  those  things  you  couldn’t  see  before.

With  this  power  you  begin  to  hear  things  you  couldn’t  hear  before.

With  this  power  you  begin  to  understand  and  appreciate  things  you

couldn’t  understand  before.

This  is  an  awesome  power  from  above.

Unfortunately  Many  Christians  tend  to  miss or  neglect  it.  Many  Christians  miss  this  blessing  because  they  have  been  taught  that as  long  as  they  have  been  saved  by  receiving  Jesus  Christ  as  their  Lord  and  Savior, it is  OK.  That  is  not  enough.  You  only  become  OK  when  you  have  the  Father,  the  Son and  the  Holy  Ghost.

A  certain  teacher  of  the  word  ever  said:  “If  you  are  filled  with  the  word  only,  but lacking  in  the  Spirit,  you  dry  up.  And  if  you  are  only  filled  with  the  Spirit,  but  void  of the  word  you  blow  up.  But  if  you  are  filled  with  both  the  word  and  the  Spirit  you grow  up.”  I  agree  with  him.  Here  is  another  advice.  Without  the  help  of  the  Holy Spirit  no  one  can  ever  fully  understand  the  scriptures.

The  Bible  becomes  a  dead letter  without  the  inspiration  of  the  Holy  Spirit.  That’s  why  many  people  have  gone

  1. Trying  to  grasp  the  message  of  the  Bible  without  the  help  of  the  Holy  Spirit

is  like  trying  to  understand  any  message  from  a  book  written  in  a  totally  foreign language

  1. It  becomes  a  futile  exercise.

Sentinel  Kulp  says  in  “Secrets  to  Spiritual  Power  (from  the  writings  of  Watchman

Nee,  1979)”:  “We  are  not  sure  if  a  worldly  brain  is  effective  in other  matters,  but we are  sure  of  this  one  thing:  a  worldly  brain  is  absolutely  useless  in  spiritual  matters.”

I  strongly  agree  with  him.  We  need  the  Holy  Ghost.  We  need  the  anointing.  We need  the  fire  of  the  Holy  Ghost  in  order  to  do  the  kingdom  business  both effectively  and  efficiently.  The  Holy  Spirit  brings  into  our  lives  such  light  that searches  deep  in  our  hearts.  With  this  light  we  begin  to  discover  ourselves.  With this  light  we  discover  who  Christ  is  in  us.  We  also  discover  who  we  are  in  Christ.

This  is  the  light  that  conquers  spiritual  ignorance  completely.  It  enables  us  to  see very  clearly.  This  is  the  light  that  searches  deeply  within  us  and  brings  our  hearts  in alignment  with  the  truth.  This  is  exactly  what  the  scribes  and  Pharisees  needed  to recognize  the  Messiah.  The  weakness  of  the  scribes  and  the  Pharisees  was  that they  claimed  to  understand  the  scriptures  without  total  submission  to  the  will  of the  Father.

May  the  Lord  God  help  us  obtain  this  solid  truth  for  it  comes  with  the grace  of  God!

What  is  the  grace  of  God?  The  grace  of  God  is  the  power  of  God  bestowed  upon us,  and  it  opens  our  eyes  so  that  we  can  be  able  to  see  in  the  way  our  Creator intended  us  to  see.  This  power  conquers  our  spiritual  blindness  so  that  we  can  be able  to  see  all  we  are  expected  to  see.  This  is  the  power  that  releases  in  us  the gifts  of  the  Spirit.  We  need  to  understand  that  the  power  of  God  is  a  reality,  but unless  we  are  enabled  by  the  grace  of  God  to  release  it,  it  cannot  be  fully manifested  or  accessible.

The  power  of  God  is  available.

It  is  the  power  to  save  sinners.

It  is  the  power  to  heal  the  sick.

It  is  the  power  to  deliver  the  oppressed.

It  is  the  power  to  set  the  captives  free.

It  is  the  power  to  open  the  blind.  It  is  the  power  to  unstop  deaf  ears.

It  is  the  power  to  make  the  dumb  to  speak.  It  is  the  power  to  make  the

lame  walk.

It  is  the  power  to  raise  the  dead.  This  is  the  power  to  perform  miracles  and

to  release  the  treasure  and  wealth  of  heaven.

A.W  Pink  says:

Grace  is  a  provision  for  men  who  are  so  fallen  that  they  cannot  help

  1. So  corrupt  that  they  cannot  change  their  natures,  so  averse to  God  that  they  cannot  turn  to  him,  so  blind  they  cannot  see  him,  so deaf  they  cannot  hear  him,  so  dead  that  he  himself  must  open  their graves  and  lift  them  into  resurrection.

It  is  true.  The  anointing  brings  about  the  results.  If  you  hear  of  any  ministry  where things  are  happening,  the  secret  behind  it  is  the  anointing.  I’m  speaking  about real  and  genuine  old-fashioned  miracles,  signs  and  wonders.  I’m  speaking  about the  same  works  wrought  by  Jesus  Himself  and  the  apostles.

You  most  probably have  heard  about  these  testimonies,  how  Paul  the  apostle  ministered  with  power and  authority  through  the  anointing  of  the  Holy  Spirit  and  brought  about tremendous  results.  And  how  he  wore  napkins  (handkerchiefs)  and  transferred the  anointing  over  them  and  sent  them  to  those  who  were  sick  and  oppressed  by the  devil;  and  when  the  victims  applied  these  clothes  demons  came  out  screaming and  left  them.

Also,  you  may  have  most  probably  heard  of  Peter  and  John  healing  the  man  at  thegate  called  Beautiful  that  was  born  crippled.  I’m  sure  you  have  heard  of  Peter when  he  brought  Dorcas  back  to  life.  You  know  how  people  were  brought  along the  streets  and  as  Peter’s  shadow  fell  on  them  (and  they  got  healed).  It  was  the anointing,  and  not  necessarily  his  shadow  that  healed  them.  Even  today  if  we genuinely  believe  that  we  serve  the  same  God,  we  must  also  believe  and  expect the  same  miracles  to  occur.  Jesus  said:  “Verily,  verily  I  say  unto  you,  He  that believeth  on  me,  the  works  that  I  do  shall  he  do  also;  and  greater  works  than  these shall  he  do;  because  I  go  unto  my  Father  (John  14:  12  K  J  V).”

What  a  wonderful  truth!  What  a  wonderful  promise!  All  God’s  promises  are  yes and  amen  to  all  that  believe.  (2  Cor.  1:  20)  Amen.

When  Jesus  came  –  life  came  also.

When  Jesus  came  –  the  light  came  too.

When  Jesus  came  –  healing  came  too.

When  Jesus  came  –  victory  came  too.

When  Jesus  came  –  deliverance  came  too.

What  a  blessing  and  we  are  free  in  deed!

The  importance  of  the  baptism  with  the  Holy  Spirit  and  with  fire  cannot  be  over-

  1. This  is  the  fire  that  will  give  you  go.  Show  me  a  purpose-driven

Christian,  I  will  show  you  the  fire-driven  Christian.  Someone  once  said:  “When  you are  baptized  with  the  Holy  Spirit  you  have  the  fire.  But  when  you  are  baptised  with fire,  the  fire  has  you.  Do  you  see  the  picture?  Here  we  are  speaking  of  the experience  where  the  Christian  has  the  fire  of  the  Holy  Spirit,  and  at  the  same  time the  fire  has  him.  What  a  mystery!  In  actual  fact  as  you  receive  the  infilling  of  the Holy  Spirit  with  fire  so  that  the  Holy  Spirit  with  fire  is  in  you  and  upon  you,  you are at  the  same  time  in  the  fire  of  the  Holy  Spirit.

This  fire  brings  with  it  new  experiences  in  your  daily  living.  We  all  know  what  fire on  the  natural  realm)  is.  So  the  power  of  the  Holy  Spirit  is  symbolized  as  fire. Why?

Because  fire  has  tremendous  power  and  effects  upon  many  objects  –  including

Fire  burns.  So  the  fire  of  the  Holy  Spirit  will  burn  all  the  chaff  and  dross  in our  Christian  lives.

Fire  consumes.  “For  our  God  is  a  consuming  fire  (Heb.  12:  29).”

Fire  purges  and  purifies.  We  need  to  be  continuously  purged  and  purified.

Fire  melts.  Our  hard  hearts  must  be  subjected  to  the  fire  of  the  Holy

Spirit  to  melt.

Fire  has  some  cutting  power.  If  we  are  filled  with  the  power  of  the

Holy  Spirit  with  fire  when  we  minister  the  word  of  God,  it  will  cut  to the  heart.  It  will  be  sharper  than  the  two-edged  sword.

Fire  makes  hard  objects  pliable.  Sometimes  there’s  a  need  for  us  in certain  areas  of  our  lives  to  be  bent  (without  breaking).

Fire  joins  objects  together.

Fire  destroys.

There  are  some  elements  and  characteristics  in our  lives that  need  to  be  destroyed  completely.

Fire  straightens.  Like  the  iron  that  gives  our  clothes  good  shape,  the fire  of  the  Holy  Spirit  will  give  good  shape  to  our  ministry  and  lives.

I’m  telling  you,  this  fire of  the  Holy  Spirit  will  change a  lot  of  things  in  your  life.

The same fire  fell  on  me,  and  I  was  no  longer  the  same.

It  literally  consumed  those carnal  and  worldly  pleasures  and  appetites  that  I  could  not  control  before.  This  is the  power  that  delivered  me  (by  the  grace  of  God)  from  the  curse  and  destruction of  alcohol  and  drugs.  Then  the  Holy  Spirit  taught  me  the  wisdom  and understanding  that  the  new  wine  (of  the  Holy  Ghost)  is  better.

He  Guided  me  into the  divine  revelation,  the  knowledge, the  truth  and  the  discipline  to  understandthat  there  was  no  need  for  me  to  be  drunk  with  wine  wherein  is  excess  but  rather to  be  filled  with  the  Spirit.  I  mean  He  has  a  sense  of  humor.  He  would  say  unto  me I  know  you  are  used  to  these  intoxicants;  but  if  you  want  to  be  drunk  the  right  way be  drunk  with  the  new  wine  of  the  Holy  Ghost.

Had  God  not  intervened  at  the  right  time  and  set  me  free  from  these  satanic bondages  I  don’t  think  I  could  still  be  alive  today.  Even  if  I  could  still  be  alive,  I know  I  would  be  just  a  walking  corpse.  Praise  God  He  came  to  my  rescue.  Do  you need  Him  too?

So  the  Spirit  will  enable  you  to  walk  right  with  God.  Look  at  what  Isaiah  says  about the  Spirit.  “And  the  Spirit  of  the  Lord  shall  rest  upon  him,  the  spirit  of  wisdom  and understanding,  the  spirit  of  counsel  and  might,  the  spirit  of  knowledge  and  of  the fear  of  the  Lord  (Isaih11:  2).”

The  Holy  Ghost  fire  is  the  fire  of  fervency.  It  is  the  fire  of  zeal.  It  will  mobilize  you.

It  will  get  you  moving.  It  will  charge  you  and  give  you  go.  Can  you  remember Jeremiah  the  prophet?  “Then  I  said,  I  will  not  make  mention  of  him,  nor  speak  any more  in  his  name.  But  his  word  was  in  mine  heart  as  a  burning  fire  shut  up  in  my bones,  and  I  was  weary  with  forbearing,  and  I  could  not  stay  (Jer.  20:  9).”  Did  you hear  that?  When  you  are  on  fire  for  God  nothing  can  stop  you.  I  know  what  I’m speaking  about.

The  devil  cannot  stop  you.

Demons  cannot  stop  you.

Circumstances  cannot  stop  you.  Opposition  cannot  stop  you.

Criticism  cannot  stop  you.  Poverty  and  want  cannot  stop  you.

Fear  and  failure  cannot  stop  you.  Rejection  and  slander  cannot  stop  you.

This  fire  is  different.  It  is  not  an  ordinary  fire.  Neither  is  it  strange  fire.  It  is  the supernatural  fire  of  God.

Elijah  new  better  of  this  fire  –  for  he  was  surely  a  man  of fire;  yes  Elijah  was  the  prophet  of  fire.  Look  at  the  following  mystery.  “Then  the fire  of  the  Lord  fell,  and  consumed  the  burnt  sacrifice,  and  the  wood,  and  the stones,  and  the  dust,  and  licked  up  the  water  that  was  in  the  trench

(1King.18:38  K  J  V).”  Did  you  hear  that?  “…and  consumed  the  burnt  sacrifice  and the  wood…”  No  big  deal.  But  mark  this:  “…and  the  stones,  and  the  dust.”  Incredible, isn’t  it?

That’s  the  fire  of  God.  It  consumes  everything.

It  will  consume  the  self.

It  will  consume  selfishness.

It  will  consume  the  old  man.

It  will  consume  sinful  life.

It  will  consume  all  carnal  tendencies.

Fire  changes  things.  It  brings  about  a  new  nature.  It  will  bring  in  you  a  new

character,  with  charisma  too.  For  we  need  both  character  and  charisma.

Some  Christians  get  satisfied  with  character  only.  Not  me.

I  need  both.  I  need  character  for  holiness  and  righteous  living  – that’s  sanctification.  It  has  to  do  with  bearing  the  fruit  of  the  Spirit.  But  I  also need  charisma  for  effective  Christian  living  and  power.  I  need  authority  for victorious  living  and  for  the  manifestation  of  the  gifts  of  the  Spirit.  To  me character  and  the  charismatic  power  of  God  are  equally  important.

Take  a  look  at  Jesus  Himself.  He  had  both.  John  the  Baptist  called  Him  the  Lamb. That  is  meekness.  It  is  holiness.  It  is  character.

But  John  the  Elder  calls Him the Lion  of  the  tribe  of  Judah.  That  is  charisma.  It  is  power.  It  is  authority.  It  is  victory.

Go  for  it!

There  is  an  urgent  call  for  every  believer  to  be  continually  be  filled  with  the  Holy Spirit  and  with  fire.  We  need  to  be  sanctified  –  to  live  a  holy  life  and  to  be  totally separated  from  the  world  system.  The  church  is  supposed  to  give  light  to  the  world.

On fire with the power of the Holy Spirit!

George Kleynhans



invoke the holy spirit

Holy Spirit painting
Holy Spirit painting (Photo credit: hickory hardscrabble)

invoke the holy spirit

Do you love the Lord Our God, just as He loves you? Do you love Him in the Person of the Holy Spirit, and wish to have more devotion to Him as the Holy Spirit? Learning how to pray to Him will be the best way.


  1. 1

    There are so many different prayers we may offer the Holy Spirit. One such prayer is very simple it is:

  2. 2

    “O, Holy Spirit, Beloved of my soul… I adore Thee. Enlighten me; Guide me; Strengthen me; Console me. Tell me what I should do… Give me Thy Orders. I promise to submit myself to all that Thou Desire of me and to accept all that Thou Permit to Happen to me. Let me only know Thy Will. Amen.”

  3. 3

    Another beautiful one is as follows:

  4. 4

    “Holy Spirit, Thou Make me see everything, and Show me the way to reach my ideal. Thou Who Give the Divine Gift to forgive and forget the wrong that is done to me and Who Are in all instances of my life with me. I, in this short dialogue, want to thank Thee for everything and confirm once more that I never want to be separated from Thee no matter how great the material desire may be. I want to be with Thee and my loved ones in Thy Perpetual Glory. Amen.”

  5. 5

    How to pray the Holy Chaplet (or Rosary) of the Holy Spirit:

  6. 6

    Begin by making the Sign of the Cross.

  7. 7

    Pray the Act of Contrition.

  8. 8

    Sing the hymn, “Come Holy Ghost.”

  9. 9

    On the first 2 beads of each mystery, pray the “Our Father,” and the “Hail Mary.”

  10. 10

    On each of the 7 beads, pray the “Glory Be to the Father…”

  11. 11

    The first mystery: Our Lord Jesus is Conceived By the Power Of the Holy Spirit in the Womb of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

  12. 12

    The second mystery: Our Lord Jesus Receives the Holy Spirit at His Baptism.

  13. 13

    The third mystery: Our Lord Jesus Is Driven into the desert By the Holy Spirit.

  14. 14

    The forth mystery: The Apostles receive the Holy Spirit on the Day of Pentecost.

  15. 15

    The fifth mystery: Our bodies are the Temples Of the Holy Spirit.

    “O, Holy Spirit, Beloved of my soul… I adore Thee. Enlighten me; Guide me; Strengthen me; Console me. Tell me what I should do… Give me Thy Orders. I promise to submit myself to all that Thou Desire of me and to accept all that Thou Permit to Happen to me. Let me only know Thy Will. Amen.”

Dated and signed on this 25 August 2013 at Polokwane

George Kleynhans

holy spirit

The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded...
The Holy Spirit depicted as a dove, surrounded by angels, by Giaquinto, 1750s. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit

The original article of The 9 Fruits of the Holy Spirit was done by Michael Bradley and went into great detail on each fruit.

What I have done is broke up each section of the Fruit of the Holy Spirit and made them into  their own article.

At the end of each section, you will have a link to each of the more detailed of the article Michael had done.

I realize some are only wanting to know what each of the 9 Fruits of the Spirit are.  So here they are in order from Galatians 5:22. But I encourage you to click read all or at least of few of these.

Here is the original article. I highly encourage you to read this all the way through so you can get a complete teaching on the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.

As you will see in the Scripture verse I will give you in this article – there is one very special incredible verse that will tell you that God the Father wants to transmit and impart 9 specific fruits of the Holy Spirit up into our personalities.

The first three articles that we have listed in our sanctification section all set the stage as to what God is looking to do with each one of us.

God wants all of us to enter into a true sanctification process with Him so that He can begin the process of molding, shaping, and transforming us into the express image of His Son Jesus Christ. He wants to make us into a better and more holy people. He wants to transform us by the renewing of our minds. He wants to put right thinking into our thought process.

In the first article we have listed under this section titled “Sanctification,” I gave you the specific verses from Scripture that showed you that it is by the power of the Holy Spirit that this sanctification process is done with you in this life. However, you will not be a passive robot in all of this. You have to be willing to work in cooperation with the Holy Spirit once He begins to start this sanctification process within you.

Your job will be to get into the Word to find out exactly what it is God is going to want to change about you. You will need to find out exactly what godly qualities God will want you to try and “put on” into your personality, and what qualities He will want you to try and “put away.”

This article will be the first of a series of articles giving you all of the appropriate Scripture verses showing you exactly which qualities and attributes God will want to get worked into your personality, and which qualities He will want to pull out of you. And there is no better place to start this series of articles than with the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit.

If you want to start off by keying on some of the more positive, godly qualities that God would really like to get worked into your personality – really study and meditate on these 9 specific qualities.

When God the Father purposely isolates and spells out 9 specific qualities that will be coming direct from His Holy Spirit – then He is really letting you know the extreme importance of these 9 specific fruits.

These 9 fruits are major fruits and qualities that are coming direct from God Himself – and every Christian should do the best they can to work with the Holy Spirit in getting all 9 of these fruits worked into their personality.

I will first start off by highlighting each of these 9 specific fruits so that you can have all 9 of them isolated right at the top of this article. I will then give you the Scripture verse where these 9 fruits are coming from, and then do a brief commentary on each one of these fruits so you can fully understand what each one of these fruits are all about, and how they can dramatically change the quality of your life and state of well-being if you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to start to work all 9 of these fruits into your personality.

Here are the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit listed one right after the other in a bolded, numbered format:

  1. Love
  2. Joy
  3. Peace
  4. Longsuffering
  5. Kindness
  6. Goodness
  7. Faithfulness
  8. Gentleness
  9. Self-control

Now here is the specific verse from Scripture where these 9 fruits are being given to us by the Lord:

“But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control.” (Galatians 5:22)

Before I get into the appropriate commentary on each of these nine fruits, note the following:

  1. The word “Spirit” is with a capital “S” – which means these 9 fruits are coming directly from the Holy Spirit, not from ourselves.
  2. What this means is that God’s love, God’s peace, God’s joy, and God’s goodness can start to be transmitted up into our personality. These are His divine attributes and personality qualities that will start to move into the core of our personality.
  3. Think about the ramifications of this – that God the Father Himself is allowing us to share in a part of His divine nature by allowing His Holy Spirit to transmit and impart these nine divine qualities right up into our soul and personality!

This is why God the Father is specifically telling us in this verse that these 9 fruits are coming directly from His Holy Spirit – so that we can all fully appreciate the magnitude of such an experience.

Jesus has already told us that He is the vine and we are the branches. The branches draw their life from the vine, not vice versa. Just as the branch draws its life from the vine, so too must we draw our life directly from Jesus. Jesus will release His divine life directly into us through the Holy Spirit in the exact same way that the vine will release the life of the tree into the branches.

In one short, but incredible powerful Scripture verse, God the Father is giving all of us an incredible revelation on what can go on behind the scenes in the spiritual realm for those who are willing to work with Him in this sanctification process.

Now I will go on to describe what each one of these nine fruits are all about and give you definitions from some of the different Bible Dictionaries and Commentaries, thereby making it easier for you to work with the Holy Spirit once He starts to move in on you to try and impart some of these divine qualities and attributes into the core of your personality.

You can click the link to be taken to a detailed explanation of each one and then come back for my conclusion.

  1. Love

  2. Joy

  3. Peace

  4. Longsuffering

  5. Kindness

  6. Goodness

  7. Faithfulness

  8. Gentleness

  9. Self-control


All of the above definitions on each one of the 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit give you a perfect description of what each one of them are all about, and why God the Father really wants to work each one of these 9 fruits into our personalities.

As you can see when reviewing each one of them, they are all very powerful – and they not only have the ability to help change, transform, and sanctify you – but they also have the ability to touch all of those around you.

Nothing will draw nonbelievers and believers alike to the Lord than a truly sanctified saint in the Lord who is walking and operating in all 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit. If you are willing to allow the Holy Spirit to work and transmit all 9 of these fruits up into your personality to some appreciable degree in this life – you will then become a light that will literally radiate the presence of God Himself through your soul and personality.

You have no idea how many people you will be able to save, touch, witness to, and help disciple if you have these fruits operating through you. These fruits will give you a credibility with God and with other people that no degree or title can give you in this life. This sanctification process is the ultimate, highest aim and goal with God for our lives.

For those of you who are not afraid to let God begin this deeper sanctifying work in your life – keep these 9 fruits of the Holy Spirit directly in front of you – and work very closely with the Holy Spirit once He starts to manifest these fruits up into your personality.

These fruits will be coming directly from Him. They will be His love, His goodness, His joy, and His peace that will start to flow into you. But you will still have to do your part in all of this. Once these divine attributes start to be released into your personality by the Holy Spirit – your job will then be to start to walk and operate in them.

If the Holy Spirit starts to release His quality of love into your personality, but you start refusing to walk and operate in that love in your words and actions to others – then He will start to pull it back from you after a reasonable length of time.

If He starts to manifest His quality of self-control in you in an effort to try and take out some of the negative qualities that He will not want operating in your personality, and you refuse to rely on that self-control, and you override it and continue to operate in those negative qualities – then again, He will pull it back from you until you are ready to work in cooperation with Him.

This sanctification process is a two way street. God is more than willing and anxious to do His part – but you will have to be willing to do your part. And your part will be to learn what changes God will want to make with you – and then start to live, walk, and operate in those specific changes once the Holy Spirit starts this supernatural, sanctification process within you. This part God cannot do for you.

Jesus gave Peter the power and ability to be able to walk on water. But there was one thing Peter had to do before that supernatural power was released to him. He had to get out of the boat and start walking straight forward on that power. It was only when he got out of the boat and started walking straight forward did the supernatural power of God manifest that allowed him to literally walk on water!

It’s the exact same way in this sanctification realm with the Lord. God, through the Holy Spirit, will give you the supernatural power to change, transform, and sanctify you – but you will have to be like Peter and be willing to live and walk in that supernatural power before it can really start to work to change and sanctify you.

Jesus is coming back for a Bride that will be without spot or blemish. He is calling His Church to clean up their act and allow His Holy Spirit to begin this deeper sanctifying work in their lives. However, the choice is up to each individual believer. Sanctification is not something that can be forced upon anyone. God really respects everyone’s free will and He will never force His will or His ways on anyone.

To those of you who will decide to enter into this sanctification process with the Lord – realize that all of this will not occur overnight. The Holy Spirit will set the pace and timetable that He will want to work with you on. You can perfectly trust Him to handle each of the areas that He will want to get into.

Though some of this may be a bit painful at times, since none of us likes to admit that we have anything that needs to be changed, let the Holy Spirit take you as far as He will want to go with you in this realm – and I guarantee you that your life and your state of well-being will all be changed for the better – much better!

Read more: http://www.bible-knowledge.com/fruits-of-the-holy-spirit/#ixzz2bSTGYlCr

inner healing

Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius
Orthodox Church of the Holy Spirit in Vilnius (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Pillars to Inner Healing

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Position yourself to be healed!

I like how Henry Wright, who is an expert at inner healing, breaks down the three essentials that are necessary to positioning ourselves to receive healing. Much of what Henry was speaking about concerned physical healing, but I believe it also applies to emotional healing as well. Having a right relationship with God, yourself, and others, is vital when positioning yourself to receive inner healing. I would like to break down each one of these here, as they are very important to anybody who is seeking healing from emotional wounds.

1. Having the right relationship with God

In order to be healed, you must have a relationship with the healer. I’m not talking about being born again, but actively having a relationship with Him. Many Christians have what we call a religion with God, not a relationship. Religion seeks to earn it’s favor with God, whereas relationship accepts what God’s Word says about their being made the righteousness of God through their faith in Christ (see Romans 3:22). This doesn’t mean that we can live like the world, as that is unacceptable for a member of the royal family in the kingdom of God. But it means that when we’re living for Christ, placing our faith in Him, and honoring Him in our life, then we need to stand on what God’s Word tells us about how we are justified (made innocent, as if we’ve never sinned), forgiven our sins, and made right with Him (see Romans 3:24). We need to let God’s Word sink into our hearts when it tells us about our conscience being purged from dead works to serve the living God (see Hebrews 9:14), and that through the Blood we can have confidence to enter the holy of holies (see Hebrews 10:19).

The Holy Spirit has spoken to me clearly about this fact: Knowing that your sins are forgiven, and you are made right with God, is absolutely necessary or essential to freely receive emotional healing. The only way that you will reach that place is when you put your total and complete trust in the Blood of Jesus, knowing that it was shed for the remission or removal of your sins (see Matthew 26:28). For more information on the Blood of Jesus, and how it is enough to forgive all of your sins, be sure to read my teaching on The Blood is Enough and also The Forgiveness of Sins.

Religion is an enemy of inner healing

Dead religion is a terrible plague that hinders the healing of many emotional wounds. Religion does not connect you with the healer (the Holy Spirit), but actually hinders His work in our lives. Religion promotes fear, pride, and legalism, which is an enemy to the healing process. Dead religion creates an atmosphere where defense mechanisms thrive. Defense mechanisms such as stubbornness and anger, are there to protect us from further harm, but at the same time, they actively hinder or even block the Holy Spirit’s power from healing our wounds. It is important for us to understand and overcome defense mechanisms if a person is going to receive healing to their damaged emotions. I have a teaching just onDefense Mechanisms that I highly recommend reading to learn more about what they are, and what to do about them.

Fear and unforgiveness are the most popular glues that hold together defense mechanisms. Dead religion is fear based, whereas relationship is faith and love based. God’s Word tells us that love casts out all fear (see 1 John 4:18). Many today are afraid of God; they are afraid that He is disappointed or even angry with them and may not be eager to forgive them. This is dead religion, and creates fear which brings torment (see 1 John 4:18). How are you supposed to healed, if you’re in bondage to fear and being tormented? Through a genuine relationship (not religion) with God, our fears will begin to dissolve as we are made perfect in love (see 1 John 4:18). Unforgiveness is selfish (God will forgive us of even the worse offenses, why can’t we do the same?), prideful (that person wronged ME), and is the result of not trusting God (to take care of that person for what they’ve done). Love is the opposite of these things (see 1 Corinthians 13). As we allow God’s deep and overflowing love and forgiveness towards us to sink into our hearts, our unforgiveness towards others begins to also dissolve. We cannot give something that we’re not receiving, and we cannot receive God’s love into our hearts, if we do not properly perceive it. It is impossible for you to receive love into your heart from somebody that you perceive hates you, and the same is true with our ability to receive God’s love into our hearts. It is therefore vital that we have a non-religious relationship with God, in order to dissolve our defense mechanisms so that we can be healed emotionally. Overcoming the religious mindset is a very important step to position yourself to receive healing to your damaged emotions.

I believe it is safe to say that every one of us have been or are currently affected, to a certain degree, with some dead religion strongholds in our mind. I have a powerful teaching that the Holy Spirit gave me on Exposing Dead Religion that I highly recommend reading.

For those of who you who wonder if God is angry with them, or if they’ve messed up too far to be forgiven, I also highly recommend reading my teachings Will God forgive me? and Is God upset with me? Properly perceiving our relationship with God is very important to positioning ourselves to receive healing for our damaged emotions. The Holy Spirit has shown me that a clean conscience is a fundamental pillar to receive inner healing.

2. Having a right relationship with yourself

Why do I discuss having a right relationship with yourself before having a right relationship with others? Because when you have a right relationship with yourself, having a right relationship with others comes much more naturally. How can you truly love others, if you don’t truly love yourself? I have a teaching titled It’s Vital to Love Yourself that I highly recommend reading. It is not a loving yourself as in a selfish and prideful manner, but rather a humble acceptance of the person that God has made in you.

Self-hate is one of the most binding emotions that we encounter in the ministry of deliverance. There is no doubt whatsoever that this is one of the most destructive plans of Satan against the children of God. The fact is that when we hate ourselves, we are hating somebody that God made with His own hands, created in His image, and purchased the redemption of with the blood of His dear Son.

I assure you that such hate opens us right up to tormenting evil spirits. It gives them permission to act on our behalf against this person to whom we hate (us). Scores of mental and physical infirmities are rooted in self-hate. Self-hate is when we hate the person in us that God has created and loves dearly. We are hating God’s special creation in us, and evil spirits will assuredly team up with us whenever we take on this attitude.

Let’s say that you walked into a gallery, and pointed at a painting and said, “That sure is ugly! Who painted THAT?” Let me ask you, would that bring glory and honor to the painter of that painting? Do you think it brings honor and glory to God, when we point at His paintings, and consider them ugly, stupid, worthless, and of little value? One day the Holy Spirit spoke to me very clearly and said, “I want you to love and appreciate the work of my hands, and that includes you, for you were made in my image!” I also heard the words echo in my mind, “When you hate yourself, you are hating somebody that I made.”

Having a right relationship with yourself is really a matter of seeing yourself as God sees you, and agreeing with His Word about the person that He has made in us. It is not a prideful or arrogant way of seeing yourself, but rather a humble and thankful expression of the great and wonderful person that God made in you.

I cannot tell you how much freedom and healing that I have received once I grasp the concept of how self-hate is a terrible poison that opens many sincere Christians up to terrible mental and physical infirmities. Being released from self-hate has an enormous affect on the healing process for many who bound with various emotional and physical infirmities.

3. Having a right relationship with others

Are you out of relationship with others in your heart? Are you holding a grudge or failing to love others as Christ has loved you? Then you are not in right relationship with God either. Jesus warned us that if we do not forgive others from our hearts, that our own sins stand between us and the Father (see Matthew 6:15) but we are also giving legal grounds to tormenting spirits to operate in our lives (see Matthew 18:34-35).

For if ye forgive men their trespasses, your heavenly Father will also forgive you: But if ye forgive not men their trespasses, neither will your Father forgive your trespasses.

Matthew 6:14-15

And his lord was wroth, and delivered him to the tormentors, till he should pay all that was due unto him. So likewise shall my heavenly Father do also unto you, if ye from your hearts forgive not every one his brother their trespasses.

Matthew 18:34-35

Let me ask you this, how can we expect to receive healing for our damaged emotions, when we are separated from God (our sins stand before us), and we are in the territory of tormenting spirits? If you want to position yourself to receive healing, then you’ll want to be in right standing before God. Jesus tells us that if we forgive others, then we ourselves will be forgiven (see Matthew 6:14). That is a promise!

Having our hearts clean from any ungodly feelings towards others is vital to receive healing for our damaged emotions. The root of unforgiveness has to do with a lack of trust in God. The reason that a person holds so tightly to unforgiveness is because they feel like they are the only one who is concerned about justice coming to that person who wronged them. They do not believe that God is going to ensure that justice happens. God’s Word tells us to give place to wrath so that He can do something about what was done against us, but if we take it into our own hands, we fail to give place to wrath, and can actually hinder God from doing something about it. Do we want the person off our hook, or God’s? Then we need to handle things the way that God has commanded of us in His Word.

One of the keys to living a life of forgiveness, is getting it down into your spirit that God truly cares for you and what is done against you, and will bring justice to those who wrong us as we trust Him with those situations.


Holy Spirit

Holy Spirit 33
Holy Spirit 33 (Photo credit: Waiting For The Word)


Holy Spirit


The 8 Different Ways the Holy SpiritHoly Spirit Representing by Dove
Will Use to Communicate to Us in This Life

Now I will list the 8 different ways that the Holy Spirit will lead us and communicate to us in this life. So you can have all of them right at the top of this section, I will go ahead and list all of them in a bolded, numbered format so you can have all of them at a quick glance.

  1. The Inner Witness – The Inner Knowing
  2. The Word of God
  3. Leadings
  4. Check in your Spirit
  5. Quickenings
  6. Visions
  7. Dreams
  8. Prophecies

Again, I know some people freak out once you attempt to step into this kind of supernatural realm with the Holy Spirit. But this is where each Christian has to make their own choice as to whether or not they want to tread into these kinds of deeper waters with the Lord.

You can either learn how to do all of this with the Holy Spirit, or you can choose to let this supernatural realm go and just stay on the path that you are already walking on if you have never had any of this kind of activity before with the Holy Spirit. Many of you will know exactly what I will be talking about below, as you have already stepped into this realm with the Holy Spirit and have learned how to play this kind of game with Him.

However, if this is all new to some of you because you have never been taught any of this in the churches you have been raised up in, then you will need to make a decision with the Lord as to whether or not you will want this supernatural realm opened up for you by God the Father.


If after reading the captions below you decide you would like God to open up this supernatural realm for you, then all you have to do is go direct to God the Father in prayer and ask Him to allow the Holy Spirit to become very active in any of these 8 different ways in which He uses to communicate to us. Tell God that He has a solid, green light from you to open up this realm if it will be His perfect will to do so at your present level of spiritual development with Him.

If you put that kind of special request before God, then He will take you very seriously and He will then very gradually lead you into this realm and from there, the Holy Spirit will start to move in some of these different areas for you. The Holy Spirit will also show you how to discern when it really is Him communicating to you as versus when it is just your own emotions or imagination talking to you.

Now I will take you into the 8 different ways the Holy Spirit will use to supernaturally communicate to us in this life.

Read more: http://www.bible-knowledge.com/8-ways-holy-spirit-communicates/#ixzz2ZtWgdAGJ