Dance like David

Dance like David

Express your joy in serving the Lord!

Just Dance Like David Did!

Wow! This morning there is a real presence of sheer JOY that engulfed my spirit as I worshipped the Lord!

Do you know that when you spend time with God in Praise and Worship you are actually Praising with all of Heaven? YES! You are! How exciting! What a blessingthat when you spend time with God in Praise and Worship you are actually Praising with all of Heaven? YES! You are! How exciting! What a blessing!

There is such a freedom to just let go and allow your spirit to soar just like David did and Dance!

Sometimes during the onslaught of the enemy it’s easy to become overwhelmed with circumstances.

Let me share with all of you a little of what our Ministry and home have been through.

Since January, there has been a series of attacks from every direction and the enemy has certainly tried to knock us out, but every time God intervened and turned everything the devil meant for destruction to good!

The next few weeks we will share personally what our family/ministry have gone through.

We want to encourage and inspire you to look past your circumstances and look up because God not only allows us to go through the fire He brings us into a deeper walk with Him!

He amazes us just how He intervenes because He delights in doing so.

If Praise be on our lips it matters NOT what we are facing! It’s all about positioning ourselves in a posture of praise. You really can have joy in the midst! I remember Him saying… Remain the same

The apostle Paul learned this and so can we!

Just get up and Dance like David did!

Fyi, it’s ok for the neighbors to think you a little weird- Amen? :)
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but those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not be faint.

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