Alcoholics Anonymous


Alcoholics Anonymous

The vicious circle of abusing alcohol with anybody is getting drunk, waking with a babalaas, craving for more alcohol to feel better and falling into habitual addiction.  George would neglegt his duty if he does not inform people with a drinking problem or alcoholics how to STOP taking alcohol forever:

There is no quick-fix or easy-way-out of this problem. The only solution is to stop drinking alcohol. This takes hard work, strong will-power, total dedication, endurance against temptation and absolute decision to change your life forever.

The addiction to alcohol or any other drug is habitual over a long period of time and therefore the detoxification of the body may result in withdrawal symptoms during the first two weeks.

All patients are advised to receive medical treatment in proper clinics during the first three weeks of their rehabilitation.


The most important step to rehabilitation is to admit to yourself that you have a problem with alcohol.

Tell your family, friends and co-workers you have this problem and about your intention to stop drinking.

Join any organization to help your recovery.

Receive proper medical treatment during the first two weeks.

Get information about the dangers of alcohol.

Avoid the company of drinking friends.


Your ability to abstain from alcohol for one month is proof of success.

Beware, the first intake of alcohol after this period will result in over indulgement.

Any relapse must be followed up with a serious intention and persistence to stay sober for another month.

Every day that you stay sober at this stage is your victory.

After being sober for six months the benefits will speak for themselves.


Your body recovered completely after six months.

Your life-style is sound sleep, better food and more exercise.

Your productivity improved.

Be jealous of your sobriety, never forget your habitual experience with alcohol and always be on your guard for people with bad influence.

Enjoy your life with real friends.

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